Sealed Room Breed 2

Slave 3dcg Male protagonist Trainer Oral sex Bdsm Rape Japanese game Spanking Animated Voiced Sex toys Anal sex Censored

About game:

Alright, this is basically a game where you have a girl chained up in a dungeon and trying to train her with a time limit of 14 days. There are 3 bad endings Freedom (fail to break her), Break and Death regular and 4 endings that are Pregnant, Pain (no clue what this one means), Love and Virgin.
For Virgin, I guess train her without fucking her. Get all endings to unlock alt costumes, accessories and hair styles. Hair styles are Default (you start with this), Short, Pigtails. Costumes are School Uniform (start with this, can strip her down to undies or nude), Bondage, Shorts and Shirt (similar to uniform but must be unlocked) and Swimsuit. Accessories include Glasses, Eyepatch, Nipple Peircings and blindfold. I think since there are more costumes and shit than endings that some will either give more unlocks than others due to difficulty (Mind Breaking is super fucking easy, Freedom is also super easy though takes longer than mind break)



Developer: Gamecolon

Status: Completed

Version: Final

Censored: Yes

Engine: Others

Languages: Partial English (90% of the game) Hongfire

Platforms: Windows

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