Dominatrix Simulator: Threshold

3dcg Male protagonist Bdsm Female protagonist Animated Virtual reality 3d game Voiced Female domination

About game:

Dominatrix Simulator is a kinky and immersive BDSM submissions experience wrapped within an intriguing storyline that seeks to entertain, and possibly even educate, those inclined towards BDSM as a fetish and/or lifestyle. The game is based on the on-and-offline BDSM experiences of its creators – Deviant Dev and Devilish Domina – and offers players a standalone immersive open-world-like experience. You can choose to align yourself with a variety of different Dominas or Mistresses and decide whether you wish to be obedient or rebellious as you navigate your way through the game world and story.



Developer: Deviant Tech

Status: In progress

Version: v2.2.3

Censored: No

Engine: Unity

Languages: English

Platforms: Windows

More games from: [Deviant Tech]

Rating: Not rated

Devilish Domina Therapeutic Domming experience! [2020.08.15]

Introducing our new, experimental Devilish Domina Therapeutic Domming experience! [VR and Desktop]

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