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About game:

An 18+ furry porn game, with themes of exploration and interaction with the characters in a bright and vibrant solar/cyberpunk world. The content will cater to the furry audience as well as all fans of erotica, and feature open and robust character creation and customization, as well as a variety of NPC characters, each with their own interactions and story lines. There are currently around ~70k words written within the game, including around ~60k words of erotic content! Please feel free to give the game a go, test it out, and explore the content!
Taking place in the future-city of Atlantia, a massive artificial island of white stone with numerous layers and towers, created as a post-warming housing solution and Utopian city-state. Atlantia formed under two factors – ensuring full legal freedom and equality for all citizens, as well as pursuit of science and the advancement of all people. In the year 2100, the oceans have ceased rising, and while major nations fell after the refugee and food crisis, thanks to development of materials and agricultural science in Atlantia many lives were saved as populations shifted to the new climates and mainlands. After the world finally restabilized, nations rebuilt, Atlantia still stands, and over the decades of its scientific research has changed the world dramatically. Exploring every option to maintain and recover habitability, the scientists developed full body modification. After the initial research into use scientific and habitability benefits, it wasn't long until the recreational elements were explored...



Developer: CoffeeGirl Works

Status: Abandoned

Version: v0.09

Censored: No

Engine: Unity

Languages: English

Platforms: Windows, Linux


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