Special Operations Unit - SIGNAL FORCES

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About game:

The year 20XX. The emergence of the evil modification crime syndicate Gandead" had been troubling society. The government announced a state of emergency and created a team to combat the crime syndicate. This is the story of the special operations unit "SIGNAL"
[Features 1] Heroine squadron task force defeat/violation RPG. Control 3 unique heroines to defeat a modification crime syndicate in a party-battle RPG. Take routes with minimal damage in a simple 1 screen map to reach the boss. [Features 2] Mid-battle changing pose-art violation battle Equipment is destroyed, characters become naked, and H animation can start mid-battle. Help save her with the other team members. [Features 3] Rescue mission begins to save team-members after total defeat Fighting alone is too much of a disadvantage, so quickly go rescue your team! Use radio to check on your team's status (violation H scene) [After game completion] With bonus save data included, you can view all H scenes from the start. Free battle mode implemented. Mix-and-match your battles freely [H content] Gangbang / Big d*ck f*ck / Machine Public humiliation / Preg-belly / Birth / Crucifixion / Brain washing Gut punch / Naked dogeza / Milking / Modification CG Count: 26 base, 470 total including variations Battle R*pe animations: 12 types CG Gallery Mode, Reminiscence Mode, H animation playback mode



Developer: ankoku marimokan

Status: Completed

Version: June Update

Censored: Yes

Engine: RPGM

Languages: English

Platforms: Windows


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Three girls brimming with curiosity team up in a building that's full of gangsters! However, the big boss of this violent HQ has made a pact with the ...


Special Operations Unit - Signal Force II ~ OPERATION WHITE ~ [Final]

It's the year 20XX. The three heroines of justice force "SIGNAL" do battle with the evil modification crime syndicate "Gandead". Unfortunately, SIGNAL ...



"Unbreaker" is a member of a league of crime-fighting heroes. When archnemesis Dr. Incentive decimates the entire hero team, she heads into the evil scientist's base to rescue them.

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