Memoirs of a Battle Brothel

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About game:

Memoirs of a Battle Brothel is a narrative-driven, tactical turn-based RPG with mechanics inspired by Final Fantasy Tactics and D&D 5e. Players assume the role of a Facilitator, an associate of the Courtesan’s Guild that provides much-needed services for guild members, including lodging and upkeep of facilities that attracts a wealthy clientele. Of course, in the cyberpunk setting of MoonFall, even luxuries are often undercut with the threat of violence. Whether it’s pressure from one of the ruling crime syndicates, disgruntled nobles or even a blood contract from a private military company, the Guild finds itself beset on all sides, sometimes even from within. In order to maintain its political standing and position in the MoonFall underworld, the Guild must occasionally meet force with force, and while its members are much more renowned for their other... talents, the Guild has retained a formidable martial reputation since its founding. Combine the Companions from Firefly, the girls of old town from Sin City, a dash of Shadowrun and The Last Sovereign, and this is what you get.



Developer: A Memory of Eternity

Status: Completed

Version: v1.05

Censored: No

Engine: RPGM

Languages: English

Platforms: Windows

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